The Company, its history, its philosophy

ARS MOVENDI E. S. Logistica Firenze was founded in April 1999, in accordance with a precise will of Marco Fusi, founder partner and current director of the company.
Marco Fusi came into contact with the world of art transport and remains fascinated by it; to such an extent that he brings all his experience – acquired since 1985 – to this sector, always aiming at a continuous improvement.
The company’s philosophy is based on experience and professionalism. It is not by chance that Marco Fusi is directly involved in the field and continues to operate actively and personally, educating his employees, following their daily training and evaluating their aptitude.

In 2002 ARS MOVENDI E. S. Logistica Firenze enriched its organization with the creation of an internal carpentry department; a very significant step, which allows us to broaden the company's operational horizons and, above all, consolidate our expertise in the work we carry out: the artwork is not only transported with care, but is first secured with packaging made ad hoc and taken care of to the finest detail.
The following years have led to an evolution of this department, thanks above all to the wealth of experience gained. It has thus been possible to also respond to varied and occasional customer needs: the artwork has to be shown in its harmonic and pleasant side, and these features can also be highlighted with a frame, an anti-reflective glass or an exhibition stand.

And it's exactly by taking care of all these peculiarities, from technical preparation to specific professionalism, from precision, safety and punctuality to aesthetic advice that ARS MOVENDI E. S. Logistica Firenze has been able to count prestigious museums, galleries, artists and collectors among its customers during its 15+ years of presence on the market.
It is people, with their knowledge and passion, that make the difference.
The company's pride and strength lies in the creation and realization of something real and new, an object that has become almost synonymous with coexistence with the artwork: the Safebox.