Professionalism and expertise at your service

ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Firenze pursues a precise modus operandi: the activity is performed in absolute synchronicity, responding with professionalism and competence to the various paths that a work of art follows.
ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Florence takes care of the packaging of the work, providing the best and safest protection solution for transport, for storage in the warehouse, for shipment.
We handle road transport in Italy and Europe, exclusively by our own means and highly specialized internal personnel; but we also manage air/sea shipments, dealing with all bureaucratic procedures, both customs and ministerial.
The technical staff of ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Firenze carries out installations of any type of work, both for private collectors and for the staging of complete events, such as exhibitions, fairs and exhibitions in general.
It also offers an art storage service, both short and long-term, at its operating headquarters.

Installation & Set-ups

ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Florence, with professionalism and experience acquired through many installations, positioning and setting up, succeeds in making the phrase "the art of touching art" its own.
Each installation is always seen as unique, never underestimating that every single intervention needs attention, caution and evaluation, and sometimes to be very detailed; each work has its own peculiarity, its fragility and often, last but not least, also a great value.
ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Florence aims to make its work impeccable from every point of view, responding in the best possible way to customer needs, whether they are practical, safe or aesthetic.


The administrative staff of ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Firenze is qualified to carry out all the export and import procedures for artworks both to and from abroad.
The bureaucratic procedure ("Fine Arts Practice", import-export customs practices, home delivery, etc.), thanks to the consolidated collaboration with customs agents and shipping companies of primary importance, is followed in a scrupulous and punctual manner, allowing the company to carry out air and sea shipments in every part of the world.

Fine art insurance

ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Firenze can find insurance coverage for all the operations and activities carried out by ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Firenze and for every type of artistic and archaeological goods. The policies are always activated with insurance companies that are specifically selected, according to the type of work and service, through the reference broker, that specialises exclusively in national and international Fine Art. ARS MOVENDI ES Logistica Firenze is a consultant for the activities of packing, handling and transport of artistic and archaeological goods for the brokerage company Willis Italia S. p. A. and for the Lloyd's of London.